our universe

We draw the solar system. In our solar system, planets talk. We also pretend. Today he was a bear. Tomorrow, a tiger.


books on sunday

Slow Sundays spent in solitude for me.

The Wonders of the Week:

Eleanoora Rosenholm is just a lovely Finnish band.
I went and bought Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert today.
The Orange by Benjamin Rosenbaum is excellent.
I will always love A Camp.


simple, lovely

This is exactly how a day should be spent. Waking up and going to a lovely eatery in Downtown Missoula is absolutely the best way I can think of to start Saturday mornings. I love going and having my English Breakfast tea, along with a cranberry bran muffin. It is slow and simple, exactly the way I love it. The bottom picture is from Friday, from an old neighbourhood in the southern part of my city. Spring, you have arrived! The top photograph is a box of sewing instructions from around the 1940's. It was my grandmother's and then she gave it to my mother. I have gotten so much inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert.


cardamom for you

I like kitchens! They are so full of light. Today I made some delicious French muffins which were so easy. (Hence the muffin tin picture.) I also drank lots of tea and took some time for myself. It was a lovely day.


how it feels

Brr! It is really cold outside right now. I am absolutely in love with the light and colours of the end of winter, but sometimes it is much too cold to leave the indoors.


you were wearing all our coats

I took a walk today and while I was on my way home, the weather outside turned into a blizzard! It was a little scary walking back home, I must admit. I almost have to think braving through the cold was about worth it. The pictures turned out pretty well. I very much like the colours in them.



I've been feeling a bit vintage-y lately. I have been immersing myself into vintage design which has so many modern hints to it. It is beautiful. My favourite is Savilintu.