my desk

Cluttered! But hopefully making beautiful messes. Letters, my Lotta Jansdotter journal, Henry, and project ideas.

Also! A small switch in the url to this blog. I now have www.jennanmieli.blogspot.com as my current url. If you have me linked anywhere, please change this! Thanks so much.



I really like these two photographs together. They contrast well to me. I had to show more of the polar bear series I did, I just love it too much.


a view

Firstly, welcome to my corner view of the world. To introduce myself, my name is Jenna and I live in Missoula, Montana, USA. For breakfast, I like many things but what you see here is a staple breakfast for me. It is really my go-to meal. I love my grandmother's plum jam on whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit like strawberries to go with it. I also drink obscene amounts of tea in the morning. Green tea is my favourite. Glad I could share my view of breakfast with everyone and thanks so much to Jane for organising this. Click on her link to see more international breakfasts.



Just a few little notes...

Today is the lovely and talented Ritva's birthday! Jane over at Spain Daily is hosting the second round of Corner Views. The theme is breakfast and my photos will be up tomorrow. I have also figured out my dream school via Fine Little Day. I think both Camilla and Elisabeth went to HDK. Great talent has come from that school, that is for certain. I am sixteen. I think I have time to decide, right?

As for me, I am sick today. I have been trying to take it easy. Drinking lots of tea helps.



Sometimes my little city of Missoula really shocks me when I find such lovely things in it.



I like colour, so I thought I would show a little of it here. I made a paper bag puppet and he is a lion. His name is Henry. Do you like him? I am also quite in love with Lotta Jansdotter.



Like I said earlier, I got the chance to take a trip into downtown Missoula (Which, by the way, is incredible.) and visited two lovely art galleries. The first is the Missoula Art Museum and the second was the Dana Gallery. Both are lovely. Marie Watt's Heirloom piece was my favourite.


how i know

How do I know spring is here to stay? I have plum jam and blackberries. Things also become very green in my yard. This week should be very lovely. I am going downtown with my Spanish class tomorrow to have lunch and see art. It will be beautiful and I will be sure to take lots of photographs. On Wednesday, Aerie International has a poetry reading at the Dana Gallery, which I know will be absolutely brilliant.

I have missed some weeks to give you all wonders, but here are some things I have loved in the past few weeks:

Bon Iver makes beautiful music.
My friends went to Kenya and brought back Ketepa tea.



Aino recommended Anna Järvinen's music. She is absolutely wonderful.

I have news! I am going to be an exchange student in Finland this summer through Youth for Understanding! I cannot describe how excited I am.