nice day

Yesterday, we went to the local market. I got very pretty Swedish earrings. My friend put dandelions in my hair. I cannot believe it is going to be June so soon, it is incredible. About all of the nice words on my last post, thank you again! The magazine's name is Aerie. Please, feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase one! It has been such an honour to be featured there. I think this is one of my most favourite photos.


exciting + wonderland

I do not have time to tell all of the details, but I made a magazine cover!


Hands squeeze tight
on the coarse roots
of the pomegranate.
Its seeds filter
from the fruit, spilling
across the wet earth.
God drops dry
hands from
jealous sky,
to pick just one.
He crunches it
cautiously between
his teeth.


ja illalla

And in the evening. With the loveliest light. I also thought I would make a slight appearance here. Nice video. I also hope everyone has seen Elisabeth's latest and greatest project. I leave for Finland on June 21st. I am not quite sure about writing here and being there at the same time. I need to figure something out.



Home. Remember this nice house and this book?


Today's view. I am a huge tea addict but I am not too keen on coffee. In the place of coffee, I of course drink all the tea I can get. I have coffee sometimes, but it is truly a rare occasion. I like my tea with honey, with lemon, or with both. Nice song about coffee here.



Warm weather brings me to stretch out of my creative norm. R was really good to me today.


näin juon teetä

This is how I drink tea. I pretended I lived in the bedroom you see here. I also faked a fika. (It was fake because I do not live in Sweden and I had tea instead of coffee.) Aimee came up with the lovely weekword.
I found out recently I am going to be in Germany (Offenburg) for a week in the beginning of August. Really exciting.


The sky is white today.  Listening to Hello Saferide. And I really like the art and layout of Regina's website done by the fabulous Maija Louekari.