now it's time...

To say goodbye. I am off to Finland at a very early hour tomorrow, so this is my last post for a while. Before I go, I want to thank everyone. Up to this point, my time blogging has been lovely. I have come across wonderful people with creative, innovative, and fresh ideas. I will miss each and every one of you. Genuinely.

Until then, have a beautiful summer.



silence and promises / 5

I went to a hill and there, nothing exists but silence. It is deafening. My favourite song about silence, here. And a nice song, "The Hill" here.


promises / 4

I went to the river to say "hei".

promises and seashells / 3

Only the best things to find at the beach. Just three days until Finland.


promises / 2

Today, I took pictures and made a Studio Violet inspired cardboard house. Find the instructions on their blog, here. Camilla did a very nice job with them!


promises / 1

Here, the rain is continuing. Here is Monday's photograph, as promised. I had earlier left Esti a comment asking about next week's weekword finder and she kindly asked me if I would like to do it. So, inspired by weather outside, the word for this week is silence. Let me know if you would like to join. Just got a flickr, too. Have a lovely new week!

a late family

Brother, myself. (Father and mother are working and my other brother is at the lake with friends.) In a week I will be in Finland. Because of this, I promise to post photos everyday before I leave.


hello nils

I love it when it rains. I also just got some lovely new teacups, they're adorable. Nils Sanoi Jag Älsker Dig. ("Nils said I love you") Liking Via Snella.


scaling down

Okay, I have to firstly admit by far, this was the most difficult weekword to create something out of. Secondly, I have to thank Thereza for making me feel a bit more creative. With this weekword, I did not want to do anything literal, so I started to think about the word "scale" in figures of speech. Then I thought of "scaling things down" as my figure of speech, and actually realised how much my life has been scaled down in the past week because of summer vacation approaching. I thought I might show glimpses of that.