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She holds the cloudberries
tightly in her hand, as the cold wind brushes
against her back
and moves through her spine.
The breeze pulsates against her neck,
curls around her lips,
dries her mouth.
She closes her eyes and thinks of
summer cottages, thunderstorms,
and cardamom bread.
White linen dresses,
crisp and clean,
like the air she breathes.


nice things

I have gotten nice things for my birthday, like a nice vintage Moomin book from Inna. And from my parents, 3191: A Year of Mornings. I am not happy I did not buy any of these nice books in Finland.


white linen and wind

My friend and I had a lot of fun doing this shoot. She will be graduating this year and so she needs photographs. She kindly asked me to take them and I gladly agreed. See more of the photos here. Thank you also to everyone for your kind comments from last post, I am so excited to send and receive tea from you all. I am hopefully going to Seattle next weekend. Definitely to Tuuli.


why, hello there

I of course wanted to drop by and say hello! I don't know if I have ever given a picture of me, but here I am with my blue eyes and lots of curls. It is nine days until my birthday (I will be seventeen) and I have decided there I nothing I love more than mail. For my birthday, I want to get pretty packages of tea and music and give some too. Would anyone like to exchange?
Remember when I wrote about being uninspired? I am now very happy to say I am full of new ideas for projects. All I did was put on Coeur de Pirate, drink tea, and sew, the perfect remedy. This video from Design for Mankind is good to watch too.



I have been so busy with school that I have been neglecting this blog and other blogs which I have been reading. Without looking at nice things or taking pictures, I have felt pretty uninspired. I have not felt this way in a very long time! Hopefully it goes away. This wallpaper cheers me up though.


what i miss

Getting inspiration at the summer cottage, the beautiful things to see.



Sorry I have not been here much lately. I have been in school (I am learning Chinese, wow!) and also been busy doing projects and coming up with ideas. I made the mobile seen here just last week, I really like it.