saturday is...

Staying in bed all day, drinking tea, creating and drawing. It cannot be better than that.
There are such great young photographers and bloggers out there, to name a few: Sophie, Brit, Ella, Eleanor Hardwick, and Olivia Bee. Find more at Coming Up Strong. So good to have this shop in my hometown.


Tuntuu semmoselta, että minun pitäisi kirjoittaa vähän tänne suomeksi. Lauantai on semmonen juttu minulle kun jään sänkyyn koko päivän, juon teetä, ja piirrän kuvia.



Light. In the autumn it comes in many forms. The fairy lights are so warm and bright, like the colours of the leaves. Today I am so overjoyed. I got a Pentax film camera and I just cannot wait to start shooting film. I am sorry for the bad case of blog neglect I have been having, but there has been no time at all to photograph! This weekend I hope I will photograph a lot. I have missed it.


a picture + a poem

where does the moon sleep?

i think she's ashamed,
when the sun stretches his back
over clear sky each morning
after his long nighttime slumber
inside a cocoon wrapped
with string and twine.
while the sun sleeps,
she unties the string
and emerges from the cocoon.
she descends through the sky
and feels dust seeping
through her back and stiff neck.
everyone knows she is wise,
but it is also said moons do not live forever.
she returns to the cocoon,
and lays her head down once more.
she breathes on the nighttime air
where there are no limits,
only space.