hyvää uutta vuotta

Happy New Year. My resolution? To continue with film. I hope your new year is brilliant, filled with light and new memories. I cannot say thank you to each and every one of you enough, but I hope everyone knows how thankful I really am. Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful comments, they keep me going. Thank you for your e-mails, encouragement, and stories you share with your own art and photographs. I hope this new year brings more.



Today, my friend came over. We had chocolate, watched movies, and took pictures with fairy lights. I wore my new sweater. I'm always changing things too, hope you don't mind. I like to change a lot, it keeps me awake. Listening to Säkert! and liking this.


iloista joulua

A Finnish lesson for today. "Merry Christmas" in Finnish is, "Hyvää Joulua" or "Iloista Joulua". Whatever you are celebrating in upcoming days, I hope those days are calm and restful. So, I shall wish you a rauhallista joulua, a peaceful christmas instead.



Olen vielä tässä, lupaan. Tänään söin pullaa ja join teetä. Oli herkullista. Kun syön pullaa, ajattelen sateisia päiviä Suomessa. Lunta on tullut tänne ja kun tulee, istun ikkunassa ja katson sitä, miten sataa taivaalta.

I'm still here, I promise. Today I ate pulla (Pulla is a Finnish sweet bread with cardamom.) and I drank tea. It was delicious. When I eat pulla, I think of rainy days in Finland. Snow has come here and when it comes, I sit at the window and I watch how it falls from the sky.


hooray! (again)

Today at hunt / gather, an interview has taken place. Lovely Hanna Konola answered a few questions I had. Find it here.
This is my old mitten, and a polaroid of me when I was four.


so much

There is so much to show because of the time lost. I have been making diptychs like this lately and I really love to combine my photos. This one is my favourite.



Blogger and Lucky Stars, thank you. You must have heard my wishes, because my comments are back and I am so happy! Let's redo this shall we? This is from November, but I will share it again now that everything is back to normal. Thank goodness.