So sorry I have not been here. I am currently in a play right now and it will go up on Friday, so soon most of my time won't be taken up with play practice. That means more time to take photos and slow down and I like that. I do though, like what MAV said in an interview I had on hunt / gather, that our inspiration and lives shouldn't be spent on the internet. It's a late resolution, but I'm going to try and do more of that. More time outdoors and with my family and friends, not online.

I have made updates though. As you'll see, this site has been changed just a bit, as well as minor changes on hunt / gather. I just ordered volumes one, four, and nine of Lines and Shapes, the sale is so good. Maybe you can still catch it, here.



Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I never post here. I am going to try and get better. I got sick today and have been reading some nice books. My Sandra Juto pocket calendar is a very nice bookmark. Another new post at hunt / gather.

P.S. Look! You can ask me things on formspring! Being such a nerd, I think it's really cool. You can ask me sometime maybe why I don't keep posting to my blog. That's probably a good question for someone like me.


+ +

Just a few from the weekend. We caught the sun, finally. It has been a while. I also made a movie. Granted, it was not just for fun, but I made one and I like it! Also, I have put up an interview with Elisabeth Dunker on hunt / gather, so be sure to look!


hunt / gather

Dear hunt / gather,

I like you, blog. You are a lovely place to put everything I find so beautiful. You are a lovely place to put inspiring interviews, like the one with Maria Vettese, which is up now. Thank you, hunt / gather. I like you... a lot.

Two diptychs for now, sorry for no new pictures. I am so busy. I can hardly believe it, how busy I am. And I'm stressed. Oh dear me.

P.S. Did I mention there is an interview from Maria Vettese on hunt / gather?