I forgot. I forgot about Finland. Well, I didn't necessarily forget about Finland, but I forgot to tell you. I posted a while back a few pictures from Finland, but I don't know if I told the whole story. If some of you are wondering, I was an exchange student in Finland last summer. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I think the reason as to why I didn't continue to show pictures and tell more was that it was too hard for me. It is still hard. I can't say how much I miss everyone there. Being a student still, I must think about university soon. I hope I can get back there. This post is for S and M. I miss and love you two.

An interview with Sandra Juto is on hunt / gather.


think green

It's what I'm doing. I think I'll make it to spring, thank goodness. This weekend was quiet and peaceful. It was nice though. I read, drank tea, rode my bicycle, and exercised a lot. The prints on the wall are from Sandra Juto (as some of you may recognise) and the lantern is from Ikea. The print in the last picture is from Maija Louekari, from a Marimekko magazine. Now, I'm going to eat with my family and watch Finland play Sweden in men's ice hockey.



On tulossa, niin varmasti minä tiedän. Oli vähän aurinkoa minun päivässä ja en voi sanoa miten hyvältä tuntui. Viikko alkoi hyvin. Tahdon myös sanoa miten kiitollinen olen teille. Olette olleet aivan ihania. Olisikin mukavaa, jos voisitte kirjoittaa tänne ja kertoa keitä olette. Ikävä kyllä en tiedä keitä te kaikki olette, mutta haluankin tietää. Haluan kuulla teiltä, sanokaa "hei" ja niin "hei" minäkin sanon takaisin!

Spring is coming, so surely I know. There was a bit of sunshine in my day and I can't say how nice it felt. The week started well. I also wanted to say how thankful I am to all of you. You all have been so wonderful. It would also be lovely if you could write here maybe and tell who you are. I know some of you, but it would be nice to know you better. I am always quite astounded at the number of people coming here, not just those saying hello. So the point is, don't be shy, I would love to hear from you!


be mine

Hei and Happy Valentine's Day! In Finnish it is friend's day or ystävänpäivä. My day was so lovely and relaxing. I spent it with the people I love. I hope you did the same. I feel spring coming and I couldn't be happier. I will start listening to old Cardigans albums. I'll clean the house. I'll ride my bicycle again. I can't wait.


back, finally

Hei! I am back after a break and finishing my play. I got an outstanding acting award from the thespian convention, it was so lovely! I am happy to be taking pictures again and spending some of my time outside instead of in. I hope everyone is doing just as wonderfully as I am! My Lines and Shapes came on Saturday too, I cannot stop looking.