missä olet, kevät?

Missä sinä olet, kevät? Sinä tulit tänne, ja nyt olet mennyt taas pois. Toivon, että pian voisit tulla takaisin. On minulla ikävä sinua. Ei voi olla ulkona, minä vain istun tässä. Luen, katson, odotan.

Where are you, spring? You visited, and again you have left. I hope you will come back. I miss you. I cannot go outside, I only sit here. I read, I watch, I wait.


but we'll stay

Rain, rain, rain. It's almost like a dream. So is this song.
Sade, sade, sade. Tuntuu melkein unelta. Niin semmoiselta tämä biisi tuntuukin.


kivaa viikonloppua

Voi, kun nyt on viikonloppu, ja olen hyvin kiitollinen ja iloinen että se on vihdoinkin tullut. Sinua on odotettu, viikonloppu! Ensi viikolla minulla on semmosta spring breakia, eli siis olen kotona vaan. En malta odottaa sitä, kun saan jäädä kotona ja olla laiska! Luen ja otan kuvia ja juon teetä... vihdoinkin, minulla on aikaa tehdä mitä minä tahdon tehdä.

Oh, now that the weekend has come I am so thankful and happy. I've been waiting for you, weekend! Next week I have spring break, so I will be just at home. I can't wait for it, that I'll get to just stay home and be lazy! I will read and take pictures and drink tea... finally, I will have time to do what I want to do.


i've seen those english dramas too

Oh wow. I didn't think I'd be here for a while, until I realised I had to tell you about Vampire Weekend. Wow. If you ever get the chance to see them live, I would really say you should. They were so good. I want to see them again. All of these pictures were from the concert day. It was so fun!



While I am talking about last summer, I should also say something about Tallinn I think. It is a very lovely place to visit. We all got on the ferry from Helsinki and headed to Tallinn for a couple of days. The variance between Finland and Estonia is pretty incredible for me, and so I'm glad I at least got to see a bit of Estonia.

And I'm never here. Sorry, for about the twentieth time. (You're probably used to this now, yes?) And then of course I probably won't be here for the rest of the week. Vampire Weekend concert tomorrow, (yay!) concert with mom on Wednesday, poetry slam on Thursday, babysitting on Friday. Maybe I'll see you Saturday? Mmkay, it's a date. Oh and I love this cover from Jippu and Samuli Edelmann.

One more thing. Sometimes, do you just not feel satisfied with your work? Right now I really feel like that. I feel like I wanna throw everything out the window and start again. I feel clouded with old photos and art. Things I don't want to deal with anymore. I'm always changing my mind.


hei iittala

One thing I love, the Iittala factory in Helsinki. It is so beautiful and full of light. These pictures aren't from my own camera, so the quality is a bit different. I had gotten sand in my lens at Jyväsjärvi one day and had to use another camera. Now that my camera is fixed I'm happy.

Happy friday!


ja voittajat on...

Hanna ja Maria, tämän sivun kautta! Onnea teille molemmille. Tein päätöksen, ettei vain yksi voittaja riitä, siis nyt on kaksi. Kirjoita minulle sähköpostia ja voidaan jutella siitä, minne kuvat ja tee pitäsi mennä. Kiitos kaikille onnitteluista, haluan että voisin lähettää jotakin teille kaikille!

And the winners are Hanna and Maria, through this page! Congratulations to you both. I made the decision that one winner is just not enough, so now there are two. Write me an e-mail and we can discuss where the photos and tea should be sent. Thanks to everyone for the wishes, I wish I could send something to every one of you!


happy birthday + giveaway

Happy birthday blog! Today you're one year old and you were born on the first of March, 2009. Here's where we started, if you can even remember. I've had a lot of fun.

Because I am so happy about my blog's birthday, I've decided to do a giveaway. I will give away a print of this picture, this picture, and this picture, all signed by me. Photos will be professionally printed with high quality ink and paper. I will also include a bag of tea from Montana Tea & Spice, made in Montana, my home state. To enter, just leave your name, contact information (such as a blog url) and tell me your favourite part of spring. Good luck!