sometimes the city, it floods

In April, early May
sometimes all I see
are the drops of water
on my window
that turn into


"laulakaa, laulakaa lujempaa"

Hei there! It's been a while, since Vappu, the first of May. Here I am. I've been so busy putting our literary arts magazine together, which goes to the printer on Wednesday. For this, I am so happy. It's been a bit stressful at times, but I'm happy with the way it has turned out. When it's done printing, I'll show it to you. Maybe some of you will want to even order one!

Today I began my garden. I've cleared out the tulips and relocated them to a front bed. My spring planting guide is on its way, most likely next weekend! Of course, one must always stop for a few blackberries, or to look at the sky.



On Vappu. R likes the Pentax too. We must think alike. Thinking of South Korea this summer. Excited for this coming May. So much to do and think about.