kävin hakemaan

I went to get lilac. It was just that kind of day. I actually updated hunt / gather. Surprising, I know. You will see an interview on there soon, I promise. Now I'm off to yoga.


tuli kesä, tuli valoa

Summer came, so did the light. I know now what I've been waiting for.

I'm watching the World Cup, picking lilac, and planning a menu for Thursday. Soon I will go to Washington D.C. to go to the Finnish Embassy and teach Finnish to a group of exchange students.


hei, kesä


Moi, kesä. Olen odottanut sinua, ja nyt olet täällä. Tänään tein tämän videon, siinä videossa minä laulan. Se biisi jonka laulan on Scandinavian Music Groupin "Juhannus".

Hi, summer. I have waited for you, and now you are here. Today I made this video, in it I am singing. The song I sing is "Juhannus" by Scandinavian Music Group. Lyrics in English:

Above the city
rockets caught fire
it was, you see, midsummer
I cried again
I cried again
maybe on the shore there's a burning boat
maybe the memory of a rainy Midsummer Day

And now that it's summer, I officially have time for this blog. I'm thinking of some summer project to do on here, and I'll update about that soon.


just a little something

Just a diptych for now. Hope you enjoy. Aerie International just came out, and soon I'll show it to you. It's so beautiful and I'm very proud of it.

My friend has just decided to go to Middlebury and I am so excited for her! She showed me this funny video. (If you know about U.S. universities, you'll like it.) I can't stop listening to the song, although I think I would usually use words such as atrocious or horrid to describe that kind of music. This post is for you, K.

One lovely song too, just for good measure.