(it pours)

On a summer day, I hear a thunderstorm. I run outside to quickly pick some thyme, mint, and parsley. I'm wearing my favourite button-up shirt. I listen to this. And really, it's the perfect way to end July.

Updated, here and here.
Merja has a new blog and I couldn't be happier for dear Elisabeth and her new cottage!


i think i'll be there

Where all of the waves come crashing in, and endless sky meets me. Are you ready for Texas picture overload?


it turns out

That maybe a vacation in Texas with some of your best friends is the best thing that can happen. And going to the beach and swimming all the time isn't half bad either. Pictures on the way.

Kuvia Texasista tulossa! Oli hurjan HIENO reissu!

Things about Texas/summer/holiday that I like:

+ Eating very much Pihlaja candy
+ Swimming on the beach
+ Eating basil from my garden
+ Waking up whenever I please
+ Laughing so hard at my friends' jokes
+ Staying up late
+ Going to IKEA
+ Long hot days and cool summer nights
+ Laughing, eating, and dancing with friends on the boardwalk
+ Celebrating my nameday, and eating cake too!


oltiin metsässä

Kesä on mennyt minulle tosi hyvin. Olen ollut ulkona, istumassa auringossa. Olen mennyt uimaan paljon järvellä, ja ollut vähän aikaan saunassa. Nämä kuvat otin silloin kun me oltiin metsässä hakemassa marjoja. Minun kesäkurssi meidän yliopistossa täällä loppui perjantaina, ja nyt jää paljon aikaa tehdä mitä tahansa haluan tehdä. Huomenna olen menossa Texasiin, toivottavasti siitä matkasta tulee kivaa. Minulla on tänään korvatulehdus, toivottavasti menee kohta pois. Aurinkoisia päiviä teille!

Summer has gone very well for me. I have been outside, sitting in the sun. I have gone swimming at the lake a bit, and even in the sauna for some time. These pictures are from when we went in the forest to get berries. My summer course in our university here ended on Friday, and now I have much time left to do whatever I feel like. Tomorrow I am going to Texas and hopefully that holiday will be nice. I have an ear infection today, so hopefully it'll go away soon. Sunny days to everyone!


oh these days

Been a bit busy with my summer course, but it's almost done. I still have some time to take pictures, even in class! This is my favourite song right now. And have you seen what's going on at habit?