a little late, but finally!

Oh, I'm so happy to tell you my good news today! In June, I went to Washington D.C. to the Embassy of Finland. I met many embassy personnel. I went to a lovely dinner. I ate pulla and rye bread to my heart's content. It seemed the trip could not get any better.

After visiting the embassy, I gave a presentation with pictures about my own experiences in Finland. I was quite nervous to show everyone, but the presentation went wonderfully. After the presentation, the Media Relations Coordinator for the embassy asked me if I would write a story for their web pages. Of course I said yes.

Just now, my story has been published. It looks lovely and I couldn't be happier with it. Take a look for yourself. If you are interested in Finland, I only have one word for you: go.

P.S. Thanks everyone for your nice comments lately, you all are so lovely! <3


the first

Yes folks, they've finally arrived. The first tomatoes of the season. I'm quite excited. They are sweet and small in my mouth and I eat them like candy. I can't help it.

For me lately, it's all Ultra Bra, all the time. This one I like a lot.

I will hopefully tell you my good news tomorrow! It will surely be sometime early this week, so stay tuned.


i say hei

This is what I have been doing, from top to bottom: hanging out with my best friend, celebrating something big I'll tell you soon, spending a weekend in the mountains with my family, eating Pihlaja candy, and then of course, being lazy. It's summer after all.

I'm listening to this and figuring out university options. It's raining outside. Today I saw Eat, Pray, Love. Not nearly as good as the book, but it was to be expected.


before + after + between

I'll be gone from here for a few days. I thought I'd share something with you before I left. It's quite long, so grab a cup of tea before you read. These pictures are random. Favourite video right now: "PERKELE! AION JUOSTA JÄRVEEN!" (I laugh every single time. It's quite funny. She says, "DAMMIT, I'M GONNA RUN TO THE LAKE!")

Have I ever told you that I have a passion for languages? I feel right now quite happy school will start soon, but also a bit sad to see the summer end. Even though everything has to end, there are still beautiful experiences to remember, and new ones to gain. For one, I'm excited to go back to my Spanish class. Have I ever said here that I love Spanish? I have taken Spanish since about the sixth grade. I remember then that I wasn't very good at Spanish, I remember sitting in my desk letting another girl answer the word for "pencil" or "backpack" instead of me. Then, in seventh grade, everything changed. I started to really love Spanish. My accent changed, and I became less shaky and more aware. All I wanted to do was to go to Spanish class. I got the "Spanish Student of the Year" award in eighth grade. When I continued onto high school, I wondered if everyone there would be better than me in my new Spanish classes, but I continued. I advanced further, until I took fourth year level classes my second year in high school. Language is something that has come natural to me. It feels as if it's something I am meant to do.

This year will be my last in high school, but part of my schedule will be to go to our local university here to take a Spanish class. Again, I'm quite nervous this time to be in a college level setting, perhaps with people more serious about studying Spanish. When I'm nervous, especially in a foreign language, I struggle to speak. A lot of the words don't come so fluidly and I have to think a lot. This is very much true for me with Spanish, because I don't make so much of an effort to use it. Sometimes I wonder why, because so many people tell me I sound native when I speak, whereas with Finnish, I don't think I do. Even so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well. I'm also very emotionally tied to language, so even when I say a word wrong and a teacher tells me not to take a correction personally, I still do. I always want everything I say to be perfect, and when I'm told it's not, I sometimes get too hard on myself.

I started when I was around fourteen to study the Finnish language, which is quite a leap from Spanish or English. I was so interested in anything Finnish, so learning the language also felt quite natural to me. While Finnish is beautiful, it's about ten times harder than Spanish for a speaker of English to learn. Still, I have learnt more Finnish because of my devotion to it outside of a classroom or merely studying. I made an effort to use it whenever possible. Even though my Finnish is understandable, I still cannot speak it perfectly. It's a language I absolutely love though, and will surely study in a university setting instead of alone, like I have for the past few years. In a university class, I will also study daily. It's a rare chance anymore that I have time to open a Finnish grammar book. I want to be better. I always want to be better, especially at the things I love.

All during these studies, I've played with Chinese, contemplated Arabic, and vowed never to study a language that involves a second alphabet or character system. And well, since then, it's been a slight fascination I've had with Swedish and French, both of which I still aim to study. Actually, the film Amélie has made me fall in love with French. I like how they've twisted the roots of these familiar Latin words I know from Spanish, and made them entirely their own along with different rules of grammar. I do love grammar. And Swedish I think sounds prettier than French. Have you ever heard a Swedish "i"? It's like magic. The way the tones go, the sound of an "å" to me is lovely. The way the language sounds like a song is the most appealing thing I could think of. Sometimes I think we should be able to choose our mother tongues, choose the language that speaks most to us. I like to think they all have their own souls.

To write here though, I more than often choose only English. It's easier to write a blog in English just because it tends to be the language of choice for about anything, and blogging is no exception. It's rare to find someone who cannot at least understand some written English, and so I feel morally pointed to English just because I don't want to leave anyone out by writing only in Finnish, although I've very much contemplated writing this blog in only Finnish for quite some time.


a few + news

diptychs. I really want to thank you all very much for your insight with my photo problem! I am so happy I can count on your opinion and it means a lot to me. Perhaps I should ask for constructive criticism again at some point.

Some news as well! There is (finally) an interview on hunt / gather with Anna Emilia Laitinen, go have a look! It was so nice to interview her and I hope you enjoy her words as much as I did.

I will write here more. I like doing it. I also have some news about my writing coming up, and I will share more of that with you soon.


this summer ends soon, i feel like i have to stuff every memory in my pocket and hold tight

really, i could

... Go on forever. I want to live on a beach. Still want to see more?

Voisin puhua rannasta koko ajan, ja tietenkin laittaa tänne enemmän kuvia. Haluan asua rannalla. Hei niin, tervetuloa elokuu! Enää kuukausi jäljellä lomaa. En halua takaisin kouluun.