oh time, you're just not as cute when you fly

The first of Seattle. I was a bit uneasy about being in such a big city when I was there but now all I want is to go back. I'm definitely applying to the University of Washington. What a wonderful trip. More pictures to come.

Someone was very wrong when they said you can't buy happiness. Happiness, my friends, is a cupcake for three dollars. A salted caramel chocolate cupcake to be exact.

Oh, and I'm catching up with your blogs and comments I promise! I'm trying to be responsive. I'm not a deadbeat blogger, I swear.

Pidin aika paljon hauskaa Seattlessa. Lisää kuvia tulossa.



Hei there everyone! Today is my birthday and my mum and I will be on a flight at two o'clock to Seattle to look at the University of Washington. We'll meet a professor of the Finnish language in the Scandinavian Studies Department, tour campus, perhaps go to Ikea, to Tuuli (a.k.a. my favourite store in the United States), and wherever the wind may blow us. I'm hoping to take my film camera there, so we'll see what I come up with.

And I want to say also thank you so much everyone for your comments and just everything! I am so grateful to each of you. I don't think there's anyone happier than me right now. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Tänään minulla on synttärit! Me ollaan tänään matkalla Seattleen katsomaan Washingtonin yliopistoa, jossa voi opiskella suomen kieltä. Mennään ehkä myös Ikeaan, joku Suomi kauppaan, ja oikeasti ihan minne vaan halutaan. Haluan myös sanoa kiitos hurjasti teille kaikille, kun olette niin ihania! Tämä blogi kokemus on ollut niin kiva minulle. Hyvää viikonloppua!


ja niin sanon kaikkea hyvää

I get stressed too much sometimes, and I need to remember everything good. Things like stripes or my new kånken for example are very good. Having a cup of tea is very good. This video, no matter how many times I see/hear it, is good.

Jos tarvitsen tuntua paremmalta, muistan aina kaikkea hyvää, niin kuin minun uusi kånken, kuppeja teetä, ja tämä biisi.


yes please

Hyviä päiviä meillä on ollut. Iloinen ja kiitollinen tyttö olen.

We've had good days. A happy and thankful girl I am.


hei syksy

Okay, here I am! First week of school gone by and things are well. Today I took a nice autumn walk. Can you see my friend in the sixth photo? I really like Astrid's this autumn I plan to list, so I'll take some inspiration from her and do the same:

This autumn I plan to:

+ travel to Seattle
+ turn eighteen
+ apply to Finnish and American universities
+ take more walks
+ listen to Sigur Rós on endless repeat
+ bake this cake
+ paint my room a new colour
+ buy a Fjällräven backpack
+ send more mail
+ finish two rolls of film
+ not completely die of stress!
+ use my grandmother's old floral sheets on cold nights
+ open my windows on cool but not too cold days
+ do simple things well

Do you have plans for this autumn as well?

Tässä olen, vihdoinkin! Koulun ensimmäinen viikko jo takana ja kaikki tuntuu nyt hyvältä. Paljon suunnitelmia on minulla tälle syksylle. Onko teillä kivoja syksy suunnitelmia?