silence / hiljaisuus

It's nearly fall again.
Time to draw myself away,
take down plaid flannel sheets
from the linen closet,
wash them in camomile soap
cold, pruning my hands.
In this autumn time I will go
barefoot in the dead grass,
rain and dew on my small toes,
seeping up to my round ankles.
I am waiting for the leaves to change,
to brighten, to descend
to molt into this grass
where I will stand through the seasons
waiting for rebirth.

Silence here and now. This is a pause for an undetermined amount of time. I need it. I've had tears, everything lately. Through all of this, Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" has been one of the most powerful albums I've heard.

New post on hunt / gather.


oh yes, that

Feeling burnt out on taking pictures. I feel like I have some obligation to put pictures here. Maybe I'll take a short break from here, maybe not. We'll see. I'm pressing leaves, so if I put a picture here of them, I'll perhaps then remember to check on them later. Today I made baklava with my friends and fully embraced autumn.

Saturday morning in the shower I made up a quote: "The purpose of society is not to answer questions, but to question answers."

Voi, kun taas kerran en jaksa kirjoittaa suomeksi. Vähän tunnun siltä, etten oikeasti halua ottaa kuvia enää. En tiedä miksi. Mutta kivalta tuntuu kun syksy on täällä.


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Tarviin vähän valoa. Tämä viikko on ollut pitkä.