this is why / a year in review

Some of my favourites of 2010, some of my favourite memories. It is three in the morning and I am not in bed. I am writing this entry, and thinking about everything that has happened this year. I wonder why it was significant; perhaps why in some ways it wasn't.

When looking back, I sometimes couldn't remember some of the things that happened to me this year, what I did, or who I saw. I then remembered I had this place. I looked through the archives, and so much returned to me.

Each picture here retold me a story I once lived. Personally, I think pictures are worth more than a thousand words. And this is why I photograph. I photograph to capture something I think is wonderful, beautiful, creative. More than that, I photograph to capture a memory of something I think is wonderful, beautiful, creative. Photos are memories, and they will always be. I will always photograph. Thoughts and feelings may leave my mind, but a camera will never leave my hand.


happy, merry

Toivon rauhallista joulua teille kaikille!

I wish a Merry Christmas to you!


lucky comma happy

I went skiing today and it was gorgeous outside, although quite cold. Look at that sun coming over the mountains. Excited for my upcoming Christmas holiday. Can't wait to relax and take more photos.

Melkein unohdin kirjoittaa suomeksi! Kävin tänään hiihtämässä. Siitä tuli niin ihana fiilis, vaikka ulkona oli tosi kylmää. Oli ihanaa katsoa aurinko, miten paistoi pilvien läpi ja vuorien yli. Kohta tulee minun Joululoma, olen siitä jo kiitollinen. En malta odottaa sitä, kun on aikaa levätä ja ottaa kuvia.


getting through

It's snowing here constantly. Some days are much colder, but it never goes above negative three celsius. I am eagerly awaiting Christmas. Before Christmas, there's much to do. I have to finish my university applications. I'm applying to the University of Washington and also to our university here, the University of Montana. I know I'll get into the University of Montana, but I'm nervous about the University of Washington. We'll see in the spring.

At any rate with university, I do have news. It's about ninety five percent sure that I'll be going to Finland next year to au pair and take classes at the University of Tampere. It's been my dream to do this for a while, so I'm quite excited. My plan is to differ my acceptance to either the University of Washington or Montana, and then take a gap year as my year in Finland. If I do end up liking being in Finland for a year, I may go to a university there instead to finish studies instead of anywhere here in the US. But for now, this is the plan.

And please tell me, how are you? I've been a bad blogger, not keeping up with anything. Please say hello!

P.S. If you haven't, listen to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." Best album I've heard in a long time. This one is my favourite now.