e - a - t, week one

The first two diptychs for eat. I'm having fun already with this project. As you can probably tell, the past week has been as follows for me: jam, bread, oranges, and tea. Not bad, but maybe I could eat something else.


e - a - t

Hello, 2011! Everyone has been talking of their new 2011 photo projects, so I thought it might be fun to do one too. The most wonderful Christmas gift I received this year was a new camera, so it seems fitting I use it this way. My new project will be called eat. I will:

* take a photo everyday of one meal I have
* make two diptychs of the photos from the week
* post them here each Sunday

Are you ready?

P.S. I'm also sorry to not have posted here as regularly as I would have liked to over my winter break, I have been very busy doing some translation work. I hope I've made up for it as I have made a mix you can listen to here!