tänään, tiistai

Today was good. It really was. I found a prom dress and a graduation dress. I'm so happy about that. I went to a really nice low-key poetry reading at Shakespeare and Company. I've been watching the pinto bean plant grow and grow. I had some chocolate.

I'm really liking Jos et sä soita by Regina and this preview of Anna Järvinen's new album, "Anna Själv Tredje." I just ordered Scandinavian Music Group's new album, "Manner." I hope it arrives here soon!


out of curiosity

I had such a nice Easter! I had wonderful food, lots of chocolate, and went for my first bike ride of the year. It was awesome, even though my legs feel like jello. I'll have to work on that.

Since you already know all about Helsinki, I figured I'd tell you something else. I'm thinking of leaving this place behind and starting a new blog. It seems kind of fitting. A new chapter in my life, a new blog.

But I do love this place. A new blog could be wonderful, but then again, it could be not so wonderful. I can't decide.

I think one of the best things about blogging is hearing from readers. I love having communication with each and every one of you. Words can't describe how nice it is to know you, even if it is just in this little way, in a fraction of a fraction of the internet.

So, I need your help to decide. You don't even have to comment, you can simply click here and tell me your thoughts. Out of curiosity, I've made more questions to complete the survey, but I'm happy and very grateful for as little or as much as you would like to tell me.


ain't no thang

I'd like some sun. Let me repeat: I'd like some sun. Here, if it's not only overcast and windy, it's overcast, windy, and rainy. I find myself more than often missing Seattle in late September; the time of year when it was warm but not too warm, and when the sun set around seven, flecks of orange and yellow would filter through my window.

Of course, when one yearns for sunlight so badly, the stress level is pretty high. I'm not sugarcoating anything, these weeks have been hard. I'm about to finish high school. I keep thinking that to myself: matriculation, matriculation, matriculation, but still, I can't see it. There is much to be done before it happens. I have to publish a book of translations and a literary magazine, take AP tests, send out graduation announcements. I have to go to prom. (Just thinking about it makes me shiver in fear.) And then, I have a lot of packing to do and goodbyes to say.

When all of these things I currently carry seem larger than life, there's a great mantra I like to repeat to myself. It goes like this: ain't no thang. When I say it to myself, I like to pretend I'm in a beauty shop in the deep South. Sometimes, I say, ain't no thang, sistah for dramatic effect.

Speaking of getting the heck outta the United States, I also have to tell you something. I said I was going to Finland on here back in December, and that's still happening. However, I said I'd be in Tampere, and that's since changed. The thing is, I'm going to live in Helsinki. I'm going to live in the centre of Helsinki. I'm going to study Finnish through the University of Helsinki. This is one hundred percent sure; the residence permit has been applied for, I have an apartment, and I'm shaking in my trousers in both excitement and fear.

I'm moving to Helsinki this summer. Ain't no thang.


tässä vaiheessa

At this point, I have complete writer's block. Maybe the pictures say more, I hope so at least.