lilac + mint

Went to get some lilac from the backyard today and was surprised to find that my mint had also grown back! Back along with the mint are thyme and parsley too, that means I only have to plant basil this year for herbs!

I cut the lilac and mint and then took them inside to put them in a small vase. Success. After that, I got a pastry at Bernice's Bakery and got very confused about not only one but two boys. Ah, life.

There's an interview with Astrid on hunt / gather, it's very lovely!



So green and so easy! I made this in about two minutes: a big handful of spinach, one banana coarsely chopped, and some fruit juice. Whole Living has great smoothie ideas, here.

The green feels fresh, so does evening rain and mint. I love that feeling.


let's go camping

It was a successful camping trip. This was the last "big thing" that my friends and I will do before we all leave to school in different parts of the world. Again, there were bittersweet moments.

This week is a four day week for me, then I have a four day weekend. I can't believe school is almost over.


sky study

I have watched you
wrap yourself
around sun and cloud
until light leaves
and moon stays


excitement's in the air

I can hardly believe it, I booked a ticket to Helsinki! I'm leaving on July 14. It seems so surreal to me, like it's going to happen, but not for a while.

I'm also a little sad; it's going to be hard to leave everyone here. I know Helsinki will be great, but still, it's going to hurt a little too. I've already cried, and it's only May!


jos vielä hetken laulan, mitä teet?

Kevät on oikeasti täällä, ja joskus en vielä usko. Meillä on ollut niin valoisia ja kivoja päiviä, joissa ilma on kevyempää, joissa ikkunani on aina auki. Ja näin käy, ja käy, ja käy.

Scandinavian Music Groupin uusi levy on muuten hyvin upea! En hurjasti tykännyt silloin kun ensimmäistä kertaa kuuntelin, mutta mitä enemmän kuuntelin, sitä enemmän aloitin siitä pitämään. Ja nyt soi, ja soi, ja soi.

Spring is really here, and sometimes I still don't believe it. We've had really bright and nice days, where the air is lighter, where my window is always open. And so it goes, and goes, and goes.

Scandinavian Music Group's new album is very good! I didn't love it at first listen, but the more I listened, the more I began to like it. And now it plays, and plays, and plays.


it was

A very nice evening. Happy Mayday!