kohta on heinäkuu

Kohta on jo heinäkuu, en voi uskoa. Olen ollut hyvin laiska näissä päivissä, mutta mielestäni näin kesän pitäisi käydä. Vielä on tehtävä ennen Suomi matkaa. Minun täytyy ostaa uusi tietokone, uudet silmälasit, ja totta kai, on sitten se pakkaaminen, jota en halua tehdä.

Olen varmasti lauantaina (13.8) menossa Flow Festivaliin! Kuka menee?

Soon it's already July, I can't believe it. I have been pretty lazy lately, but I think that's how summer's supposed to go. There are still things to be done before Finland. I have to buy a new computer, new glasses, and of course, then there is the packing that I don't want to do.

I am going to Flow Festival on Saturday (13.8)! Who's going?


kesän taika

Early summer evenings are magic. Dinner parties with friends aren't so bad, either.

We ate this (on the floor!) and listened to this. I am so lucky.


hyvää juhannusta!

As you can see, I've given this place a little bit of a makeover, I think it needed it. I've cleaned up a little too, deleted a few posts and pictures that I wasn't so satisfied with.

I've updated the about section, where you can also find a link to my new portfolio that I am building.

I wish you a happy midsummer! I am celebrating with my family, and of course with rhubarb and Marimekko napkins. I can't think of anything better.

a confession of many sorts

I am pleased to report that the wisdom teeth removal went well. I was completely terrified the on the way to the oral surgeon's, and in the waiting room, I was, let's say, less than composed. If you want to see what you're like when you're sure all hell is about to break loose, schedule a wisdom teeth extraction. Trust me.

I suppose I overreacted just a little bit. I got the anaesthesia, and the rest was history. I have made a full recovery and have not looked back, not even on my mother attempting to feed me a few mere hours after the surgery by vacuuming smoothie through a straw and forcing it down my throat while I groaned, choked a little, and then begged for more. Those weren't my finest hours.

What I didn't anticipate about recovering was all of the time. I mostly slept for the first few days. After, while I didn't feel nearly good enough to leave the house, I thought, and I thought a lot. I watched movies, re-read Molly's book, dreamt of rhubarb, listened to this and concluded I'd reached musical nirvana, and then I thought some more.

(After dreaming of rhubarb and recovering, I did in fact get rhubarb, and a lot of it. I've made this, this, and this in the past two days and I can recommend all, but I must admit that this one is my favourite, and if you put it on top of good vanilla ice cream, I can guarantee you'll be very happy for at least the next few days.)

There's been a lot on my mind lately, and I didn't realise it completely until I was lying in bed with absolutely nothing to do. Helsinki is on my mind. I am totally thrilled, don't get me wrong. But, in the back of my mind, there is also a lot of fear. I am scared of changing everything I know and changing it for at least a year.

I am scared I won't make any new friends, I'm scared of being alone. I am scared that I'll cry too much because I'll miss everyone here. I'm scared that when I return here, everything will have changed. I'm scared I'll forget how to breathe, how to relax.

These are feelings of starting anew and taking a big plunge into something that's not one hundred percent. And I can only hope it's normal. And while it may be or may not be, I have to believe everything is going to be okay.



Pieni postaus ennen perjantaita. Huomenna aamulla, kaikki minun viisaudenhampaat kiskotaan pois. En tiedä miksi, mutta vähän minua pelottaa! Halusin kirjoittaa tänne ennen kaikkea ja kertoa etten ole täällä ensi viikolla, siis toivon teille kaikille kaikkea hyvää ja kivaa uutta viikkoa.

A small post before Friday. Tomorrow morning, I'm getting all of my wisdom teeth removed. I don't know why, but I'm a little afraid! I wanted to write here before everything and tell that I won't be around next week, so I wish you all everything good and a nice new week.

Wish me luck!


again, again

Kiva viikonloppu oli. Mentiin Great Fallsiin, joka sijaitsee lännessä Montanassa. Oli tosi mukava kaupunki jonka kanssa tuli paljon kauniita nähtävyyksiä.

Olen taas unohtanut monta kertaa kirjoittaa myös suomea tänne. Mutta nyt minun täytyy muistaa ja toistaa itselleni, "Hei Jenna, älä ole laiska!" Minun täytyy taas kerran tottua puhumaan suomea; enää kuukausi jäljellä täällä Jenkeissä.

It was a nice weekend. We went to Great Falls, which is located in western Montana. It was a lovely city with a lot of beautiful views.

I have again forgotten to write in Finnish here too. But now I have to remember and repeat to myself, "Jenna, don't be so lazy!" I have to get used to speaking Finnish again; only a month left here in the United States.


more celebrating + hunt / gather giveaway

There is a giveaway going on at hunt / gather right now. When I was asked to do one, I figured, why not? It surely couldn't hurt.

Also, is it so wrong to completely love Robyn? I do! I love this one, particularly. But also this one.


and now we celebrate

There has been a lot of celebration around these parts lately. I have eaten very well in the last three days and laughed more than I could begin to imagine. These days have been good.

Tomorrow: rhubarb picking, work doing, photo walking, Head and the Heart listening, etc.