how it should be

Summer, that is.

Fields. Bare feet. Summer cottages. Sauna. Rowing. Stained fingers. Blueberries. Stunning light. Finland. Sigh.



as the wind moved east
we moved west
shore gone, lake here
salty bodies colliding
with rusted water.
sweat dripped from my forehead,
and as i lay on the dock,
i lost track of time,
my eyes widening
like small blueberries.
you swallowed summer's heat,
i untied the rowboat,
and we both let go.

I'm back in Helsinki and will be sharing photos throughout the next few days from my trip up north to Jyväskylä. This poem is from my journal.


it's just the best

I've been in Jyväskylä for a few days now and in Finland for about six days. Everything has been perfect. I missed so much about Finland, even the little things that I forgot about are good to see and feel. Things about Finland that I love:

+ going to sauna
+ running to the lake right after sauna
+ the feeling of pores opening up right after sauna, just as the cool air hits
+ karjalanpiirakka
+ the summer cottage
+ birch trees
+ blueberries
+ the wonderful people
+ walking and bicycling anywhere
+ wonderful shopping and ice cream
+ cured salmon
+ rye bread

I have taken many, many pictures so far and will be in Helsinki soon to upload them. See you then.


moi moi, usa!

Saying goodbye to the U.S. today! I'm off to Helsinki, then on Sunday I'll be in Jyväskylä. I can't wait! See you later America and hello Finland!

Sanon tänään näkemiin Yhdysvalloille! Menen Helsinkiin ja sitten sunnuntaina olen lähdössä Jyväskylään. En malta odottaa! Hei hei Jenkki ja moi Suomi!


randoms from the weekend

It was a good weekend and a good start to July. It was hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing. It was taking a breath after being a bit stressed with packing and leaving. Hoping next weekend will be just as lovely, too.

In my preparations for many long plane rides, I also noticed that I'll need some new music to listen to during layovers and three flights. Does anyone have any recommendations?