helsinki randoms

I shot a lot of Helsinki in 2011.  These are from August, October, and December.  In August, I saw that even Alexander II puts a bird on it.

I'm totally into Beirut these days, this one is a favorite.


that place

And that hair.  If it were my choice, I would be walking along a winter shore in Jyväskylä with some of the people I love most.  And I would also have that hair again.  I miss you, M and K!

To be honest, not too much is inspiring me lately, and certainly not things that you probably don't already know about, like Kinfolk for example.  I'm listening to Säkert! a lot lately.


ihana värikäs kaupunki

Tallinn, Estonia is one of the loveliest, most colorful cities I have seen.  We visited it last Friday, and even though there was snow and silence all around, the gorgeous colors and lines of Tallinn's Old Town could not be masked.  Hopefully I will go there again in the spring.

I'm fighting the winter blues currently.  It's been snowing here in Helsinki for a long time today.    Spring seems so far away.  How do you combat your winter blues?  Tea?  Candles?

Fourth photo of my hair by K, who also braided it.  My American visitors left today, and I'm very sad about that as well.


the start

I'm back in Finland and with me now are two wonderful American visitors.  We were in Jyväskylä together last weekend, where these pictures are from.  The start of this new year has been good.  I'm sick right now, so the visitors are off sightseeing by themselves today.

This song makes me happy each time I listen to it.