perhaps a pause

I'm not incredibly technical.  I can take photos well, edit them, design some of the easier things for this blog, but other than that, I have never considered it necessary to know anything else about blogging.  Honestly, I'm completely green when it comes to RSS feeds, copyright infringement, advanced design on a blog, html, etc.

However, never once have I felt the need to address that with this blog.  This blog has seen quite a bit of traffic, but has never been big, and I've liked it that way.  Everyone who comes to this blog comes here because I know you personally, because I visit your blog and like your work, or because you saw my link somewhere on another blog I happen to like.  None of that is concerning to me.  I've kept this blog like this for a reason.  I've so liked the community around it and the friends I've made through it.

I've never really seen a bad side to blogging, but when I was fooling around on Google a while ago, I found at least one site using my content without my permission, which seems to be a form of RSS scraping which I've just recently discovered actually exists.  Like I said, I've never bothered with copyright on here as I thought it wouldn't become an issue.  But now when I see someone pretending to RSS feed my blog while it also seems they are making money off of advertisements because someone has come to look at my pictures, it makes me angry.  I'm also sad when I think about how naïve it was of me to think that such things wouldn't happen to my little blog. I've seen other questionable referring sites on this blog's stats, and to me, it's worrisome.  Tears streaming down my face worrisome. Me ready to pull out my hair worrisome.  Me, puffing out my cheeks until they're red worrisome.

Due to all of this, I think maybe an indefinite pause is needed here until I can get my head around things and decide what to do.  I've taken a few breaks on here before, but I don't know if this will be like those.  I don't know if I can come back.  Maybe I will look further into copyright for my pictures, maybe I won't blog anymore, or maybe I'll suck it up, pay for a better blogging software, and start a new blog.  I have to think.

Thanks to all of you who have come here throughout the past few years.  I've loved sharing my creativity with you and seeing yours as well.  How wonderful and thoughtful your comments, e-mails, packages, and letters have been.  You know who you are!  Thank you times ten.


on sunday

A quiet day with nice light.  Some coffee and a pastry.  Hair up.  Lovely Sunday.

Hiljainen päivä ja hyvää valoa.  Vähän kahvia ja Runebergintorttua.  Hiukset kiinni.  Ihana sunnuntai.



Suddenly, it got very cold here.  It's about -17 degrees and should stay that way for the weekend at least.  I'd like to take my camera out for more walks and visit cafes, but lately I'm finding myself at home with a cup of tea, spilled over my copy of Kinfolk.

Lately, I'm listening to First Aid Kit's new album, to this one of Markéta Irglová's, and to this.

Stay warm this weekend, all.