etsimässä jotain tunnelmaa

One more time with a little feeling, please.

A good one.


for now

The truth is, I can't stop taking pictures.  And I want some place to share them with you, because I think that's part of taking pictures too, letting others see.  So, for now, I've decided to keep posting here unless I can think of another solution.  I don't really want to start another blog as I like what I've built here, and I don't want to stop posting pictures altogether.

I was told by a few that this is part of posting things on the Internet, and I've been thinking things over for a while.  All of your comments were so nice and understanding and I am always so thankful for your support.  I hope the post wasn't too dramatic or self-pitying to anyone as well.  I think it's great to have conversation about this sort of issue and also to raise awareness about it as it certainly happens on the Internet daily.

As you can see, I have added a copyright notice to the sidebar of this blog as well as a request that my photos are not used without a link back to this blog, which I don't think is much to ask at all.  I considered switching this blog to Wordpress for a little while, but still like some of the features of Blogger, so I've held back on that.  If any of you have any advice on html and how to better protect from RSS scraping, please do send me an e-mail or comment, I would greatly appreciate it.

Phew, okay, that's over.  These photos are from January and the beginning of this month.  We're ending winter here in Helsinki and it rained here for the first time in a long time.  I've been to Jyväskylä this month and have been reading and going to cafés quite frequently.  I have to start studying for exams soon.

Ja jotain suomeksi, melkein unohdin!  Tiedän, etten kirjoita tänne niin paljon suomea kuin pitäisi.  Nykyään minulla on aina sellainen tunne, etten oikeasti osaa kunnolla englantia, enkä suomeakaan.  Minusta tuntuu joskus siltä, että olen jotenkin puolikielinen.  Vähän hassua ajatella noin, kun puhuin vain englantia lapsena ja olen opiskellut suomea vain viisi vuotta, enkä ole opiskellut sitä kovin vakavasti.  No jaaa.  Tänne Helsinkiin tuli tänään vähän sadevettä, ja olen siitä hyvin iloinen.  En ikinä ymmärrä, miten näin pienistä asioista voi tulla niin paljon iloa.  Kävelin tänään keskustaan kuunnellen Alexi Murdochin ja Iron & Winen musiikkia ja oli jotenkin niin täydellistä, vaikka tietenkin kasvot ja hiukset kastuivat kun minulla ei ollut sateenvarjoa.  Kevät koittaa pian.