no words

I have no words for how good these days have been.  I'm loving them.


these days

Well, I could get used to them.  Really used to them.  What a great weekend.  I'm getting nostalgic, remembering summers past while waiting for this one to come.  There's certainly a promise of it in the air, as Terhi Kokkonen might say or sing.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to study and not focus so much on the weather as I should be inside reading for tests, anyway.  It's hard sometimes.


helsinki, je t'aime

Do you know what is happening here right now, right at this very moment?  I'll tell you:  magic.  We're all waking up from a long winter slumber here in Helsinki.  Today, out came the sun, and with it, many people.  I myself went to Kaivopuisto and walked along the sea.  I walked past bicyclists, past ice cream-eaters, and past ice cream-eating bicyclists.  I walked past this café with people sitting in front, enjoying champagne, sparkling wine, and pastries.  When one endures winters like the ones that happen here, this weather is well deserved.

For some reason, right around this time of year, this song is always perfect.  My friend K just took a trip to Patagonia and her pictures are incredible.  See them here, here, and here.

P.S.  Bigger pictures!  Is this better?


neutrals by the sea

I have never lived so close to a sea before.  On spring days like these, cold as they may be, the sea always seems to be the answer.

I'm listening to this one so much.  I just love it.