midsummer madness

I am currently sitting in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, waiting for my flight to London.  From London, I will fly to Seattle, and from there to Spokane.  Getting home is a process.

The airport, especially the international terminal (the term "terminal" is used lightly here, in Helsinki it's more like a section) is quite funny to me.  I just saw a ton of Americans arrive to the airport.  They had fanny packs, beer bellies, baseball caps, and if that didn't give it away enough, their southern twangs did as they passed by the Finnish shops, trying to pronounce their names.  I almost laughed out loud at my fellow countrymen.  Adjusting to the United States might be difficult for a while.

Some of these photos are from Midsummer Eve, spent at Seurasaari.  Some of them are still from the summer cottage.  On Midsummer, it rained the entire day.


doing that summer thing

And a lot of it.  I am currently in Jyväskylä for one more time until I head to the States for a long vacation on Sunday.  I'm so excited, nervous, and sad.  It's such a mix of emotions, especially in these last days.  I'm quite busy getting everything ready for my trip and am also having problems connecting to the Internet, so this may be my last post here until I get back to Missoula on Sunday.  Can't wait to see my family, this lady, and my other good friends.


buzz buzz

Entrance exams are over, but I'm still busy somehow.  I'm making lists in my head constantly;  deadlines I make for myself approach rapidly.  So many days of my June calendar are filled with some event or another.  I'm going to Jyväskylä again this weekend.  (If anyone is keeping track, this is my third visit to Jyväskylä in three weeks in a row.  After this visit, I'll have spent almost a day in a train travelling there and back.)  I may be going there the following weekend as well.  And then it will be Juhannus.  And then, on June 24, I will board a plane that will take me far away from Finland for a while.