it's a storm

Complete with beautiful storm clouds, too.  There are strikes of lightning every now and then.


two hundred

Two outtakes for two hundred posts on this blog, filled with over five hundred pictures.  Some people take hundreds of pictures in just a day, but for me, this is a lot.  It's also so much fun to look back at old posts and pictures.  I love having this place and hope you like coming here, too.

I have watched many films these past days, almost all of them good.  This one is now a favorite, this one was odd, sometimes boring, and yet haunting (but perhaps maybe not easily recommended to just anyone), and this one left a lasting impression.  This one was sad and beautiful, as was this one.



Lately in our house, new words are flying left and right.  My brother has recently taken up tennis as a hobby, and now whenever he leaves the house to go play, his words are usually something like, "Bye, I'm going tennising!"  I now liken the whole process of picking rhubarb, prepping rhubarb, and cooking rhubarb simply as rhubarbing.

My recent favorite, though, has to be summering.  Whenever my mom asks, "Jenna, what are you doing?"  I may start replying, "Summering." instead of "Oh, nothing..."

Pitää kirjoittaa suomeksi ennen kuin unohdan kielen kokonaan!  Nyt kun olen ollut täällä kotona, englanti tulee helpommin ja suomi hyvin unohtuu.  Sanon kuitenkin hei teille kaikille suomenkielisille lukijoille!  En ole unohtanut teitä!


where we've been

We went on two road trips within these past five days.  We went to see a concert, and after that trip, we went on a fishing trip for a few nights.  We came home from the fishing trip just a few hours ago, right before it started to storm and hail here.  It's still thundering outside.

Just a few things:

I'd like to get my hands on a copy of this, for now this somewhat similar one from the library will have to suffice.

I cannot wait to go see the Helene Schjerfbeck exhibition in Helsinki.

I'm listening to Markéta Irglová's solo album again.  This one and this one are favorites.  NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Markéta.

Pardon the construction here on this site.  I'm messing with new banner designs; this current one isn't the one I'll keep.


here and there

Some outtakes because I haven't been taking pictures too seriously lately.  I've been in Montana, with my family and friends.

The first and last pictures are of the summer cottage in Finland, the second one is this lovely rhubarb snacking cake.  As with every summer, I am way into rhubarb.  I'm going to make this next.  The third is the view from an airplane flying just outside of Seattle.

I hope so much you are having a beautiful summer.